Agriculture is fast becoming the new frontier for the application of sensor systems, IOT technologies, artificial intelligence and advanced data analytics. The Australian beef cattle industry is particularly keen to take advantage of new technologies emerging in this sector. This PhD project will involve deploying sensor systems in Northern Australian beef cattle breeding systems to understand key animal behaviors. It will involve the application of advanced data analytics to explore how grazing animal behavior is influenced by the variable landscape and climate in which these livestock live. The project will involve observing grazing livestock and collecting sensor data to classify various activities and then relating this to weather data for animal/climate interactions as well as remote sensing imagery for animal/landscape interactions. The project will involve field work in remote areas along with office-based data analytics. This scholarship supports a larger CQU project exploring the potential for sensor technologies to improve the productivity and sustainability of beef cattle breeding operations in Northern Australia. The project forms part of Meat and Livestock Australia’s Northern Breeding Business (NB2) program which is seeking to improve deliver an estimated $20 million/year in net benefits by 2027 to 250 northern beef cattle operations.

Scholarship Value: $30,000 to $40,000 stipend per year, indexed (dependent on skills and experience)

Length of Scholarship: 3 years

Number Available: 1

Opening Date: 04 February 2022

Closing Date: 11 March 2022

For more information visit the CQU Website or contact Professor Steve Moore, Professor Mark Trotter or Dr Thomas Williams.