Underwood Lecture

Year Presenter Title of presentation
2022 Juan Loor Nutrigenomics in livestock: potential role in physiological regulation and practical applications
2021 Maggie Gill How feeding livestock now has global implications: what does this mean for priority research questions?
2018 David Masters Practical implications of mineral and vitamin imbalance in grazing sheep
2016 John Black Animal nutrition: past, present and future – value of thinking across species and across disciplines
2014 Joe Jacobs Challenges in ration formulation in pasture-based milk production systems
2012 R.S. Hegarty Livestock nutrition – a perspective on the future needs in a resource challenged planet
2010 Dennis Poppi Nutritional research to meet future challenges
2008 G.T. Attwood Application of rumen microbial genome information to livestock systems in the postgenomic era
2006 David Lindsay & Beth Paganoni Succession planning for continuity of research in the animal
2004 J. Macrae ‘Modern technologies’: 75 years of progress, but what are the future needs of our industry?
2002 J.E. Vercoe Global food production and consumption: future trends, opportunities and constraints for livestock products
2000 N. F. Suttle Minerals in Livestock Production
1998 Hugh Dove Pastures and grazing animals – the interaction continues
1996 D.E. Beever Improving the efficiency of nutrient utilisation and the predictability of product composition in the lactating dairy cow
1994 K.W. Entwistle Whither the beef industry and its research and education components
1992 J. Stocker
1990 A.D. Robson Agricultural education – what of the future?
1988 I.W. McDonald The early history of Australian Research in Animal Nutrition
1986 H.J. Lee The Underwood Lecture
1984 R.J. Moir E.J. Underwood – Agricultural Scientist