McClymont Memorial Lecture

Year Presenter Title of presentation
2022 Craig Thornton Leichhardt, land clearing and livestock: The legacy of European agriculture in the Brigalow Belt bioregion of central Qld
2021 Jordana Rivero & Michael Lee A perspective on animal welfare of grazing ruminants and its relationship with sustainability
2018 Fred Provenza How Palates Link Soil and Plants with Herbivores and Humans
2016 Hugh Dove Systems impacts of introducing crop grazing into pasture-based systems
2014 Paul L. Greenwood Consequences of nutrition during gestation, and the challenge to better understand and enhance livestock productivity and efficiency in pastoral ecosystems
2012 Wayne Bryden Food and feed, mycotoxins and the perpetual pentagram in a changing animal production environment
2010 Paul Morris Australian Animal Industries and contributions to global food security
2008 W.H. Winter & P.T. Doyle Increased profitability and social outcomes from livestock in smallholder crop- livestock systems in developing countries: The ACIAR experience
2006 J. Scott, T. Coventry & H. Sutherland Reflections on the Cicerone Project – an experimental partnership exploring the sustainability and profitability of grazing enterprises
2004 T. Reeves
2002 G. Grigg
2000 A.R. Sykes Essential effects on animal production: the nutritional demands of nematode parasite exposure in sheep
1998 B.E. Norton The application of grazing management to increase sustainable livestock production