Harry Stobbs Memorial Lecture

Year Presenter Title of presentation
2022 David Augustine Can metrics of foraging behaviour predict variation in weight gains of free-ranging cattle?
2021 Hayley Norman Grazing behaviour, nutritional value and the use of sheep in plant domestication
2018 Joao Vendramini Concentrate Supplementation of Grazing Beef Calves: Performance and Metabolic Imprinting
2016 Antonio de Vega Grazing systems: integrating crops and animals
2014 David Pacheco Decreasing methane emissions from ruminants grazing forages: a fit with productive and financial realities?
2012 Pablo Gregorini Diurnal grazing pattern: Its physiological basis and strategic management
2010 David Swain GPS tracking, are we still lost?
2008 G.R. Edwards Manipulating dietary preference to improve animal performance
1996 Fred Provenza Familiarity and novelty in animal diets: implications for management