AAAS 2022 Conference Update

The AAAS is looking forward to welcoming you to tropical north Queensland – where the rangelands meet the rainforest and the rainforest meets the sea!

Our conference website is currently under construction – but a call for abstracts will be opening soon. We will be inviting submissions from all researchers in Animal Science: from livestock and food production through to zoology, wildlife and marine animal science, and the social and economic issues that interface with the management of animal systems in Australia.

We will soon call for 250-word abstracts as an expression of interest for full papers in a special edition of Animal Production Science.

Our Editorial Team will be assessing submissions under the umbrella conference theme ‘Anchoring knowledge – exploring the animal science ecosystem’.

Sub-themes include:

  1. Cutting edge and novel science – tell us what you’re working on that’s new & exciting!
  2.  Novel technologies – research tools and on-ground applications (e.g. remote sensing, on-animal sensors, new lab tools & techniques)
  3. Challenges to production, survival and sustainability – climate change, animal health & biosecurity, conservation of wildlife, nutrition, reproduction
  4. Social license – animal behavior & welfare, impacts of animals on the environment, changing consumer demands & preferences
  5. Creating impact – measuring adoption, economic impacts, extension approaches

Abstracts will be due 28 May, with invited full papers due for submission to Animal Production Science by 1 October 2021.

A call for one-page papers will occur in July 2021.