Honorary Members

Honorary Members shall be members who, in the opinion of the Council, have rendered eminent service to ASAP or AAAS.

Year Honorary member
2010 Michael Leo Tierney
2006 Anthony (Tony) Schlink
2004 David Hennessey
2002 David Macfie

Richard Moss

2000 Gordon Terrell Williams
1998 Narelle Yvonne Morse

Evan Hollinworth Macdonald Barnet

1996 Eric John Hilder
1994 Christopher John Thwaites

Edward Wyndham

1990 Barry Graham Lukins
1988 Edward Ben Byers

John Terrell Williams

1986 John Murray George

Andley George Ward

1982 Ian Neville Southey
1980 Clarance James Daley
1976 Joseph Phillip Kahler